River Advice

River Advice is the leading passenger ship management company on European Inland Waterways.

Discover beautiful Europe with its stunning destinations along the rivers. Take a break from work while exploring the city with new colleagues from all over the world.

At your sailing workplace you have the chance to experience the richness of a multi-cultural team which soon becomes your family. You will be able to earn one-of-a kind experience in the fields of teamwork, emotional intelligence and insights in other departments.

With River Advice, you follow the compass of success. We support you to sail forwards in your career. You work in a small but familiar team which means taking responsibility from an early stage on. This helps you grow as an individual as well as a team.

While you evolve from your experience, we offer you promotion prospects, Swiss insurance and the possibility to go on vacation during the season. Oh, – did we mention that your flights will be booked and paid by our Travel Department?

Join our fleet today!